What’s it like to drive a hydrogen-fueled vehicle

The world already found an alternative to the combustion engine i.e. the electric vehicles. While we have not yet seen the full potential of what this technology can offer, the alternative to this is already in the market. The hydrogen-powered car seems like a good prospect, so we decided to check for ourselves what it’s like to drive a fuel-cell car.

Except for Toyota, Mercedes, Hyundai, and Honda, no car manufacturer is even close to manufacturing a hydrogen-powered car. Nexo, as compared to the SUV, has more range and stack life, so it is capable of traveling a whole lot more distance. It sports a rather stylish design.

It’s a handsome car; its looks might not be that fascinating in the daylight, but in dark, it’s amazing. It has a well-shaped body and contains very pleasing visual details. Its cabin is quite impressive too.

We live with this for six weeks; to know how practical it is to live with a hydrogen-powered car. We drove it to the Frankfurt motor show, a trip of over 994 miles. There are only eight hydrogen stations in the UK, but the mileage of this car is more than 389 miles, way more than electric vehicles. So, driving this car is more practical than what it might appear.

Most of the stations are located in the south-east, so if you live there, it is even more practical to have a fuel-cell car. Another amazing thing is that in less than 14 minutes you can refuel the Nexo, no EV can compete with is in this regard. Nexo is certainly a more exciting vehicle than the iX35 SUV, not only because it’s better looking and goes further, it is well-equipped as well.

So, when they are so great, why aren’t companies focusing more on them than the electric vehicles? This is the question that would come in every person’s mind. To be honest, it’s a complex question and the complete answer is not possible to give here.