What you need to know about part-worn tires

Today, we are presenting a guide for you on whether or not the part-worn tires are worth buying. You might have considered buying them, especially in this financially hard time, so it’s important for you to know the pros and cons of part-worn tires.

If you can’t afford to buy brand new tires, you are probably looking towards tires that are already used in another vehicle. This is a good option, at least for some people.

It is not illegal in the UK to buy or sell the used tires. In fact, according to the data available, around 5.5 million of these tires are sold each year. However, the makers have to follow some strict regulations according to the law. The most important thing is the tires need to be in good condition, so no bulges and large cuts should be there. They need to have a minimum of 2mm of tread around their circumference and across their width.

These regulations seem simple and important, but some manufacturers choose to ignore them, at least partially. If you are also going to buy used cars, make sure the supplier is following the law and adhering to regulations, otherwise, they won’t only cost you much in the future, you can face an accident because of them.

So, let’s begin with the advantages of such tires. Some people might have some other idea related to used tires, but a lot of people buy a used car and don’t change the tires, so in reality, the tires they are using are part-worn. Most of us have done this and we had no idea about the history of those tires.

The biggest advantage is that they cost less, certainly less than top brand tires. But, that’s not it, if you purchase used tires, you might be able to purchase tires of a top brand rather than new tires of an unknown brand.

The biggest disadvantage is of course safety if someone is selling his tires; it most certainly means that he no longer considers them safe or good enough for a long drive. Another disadvantage is, they won’t survive as long as new tires and you would have to change them quite often. So, you might have to spend even more money.