Test driving the new supermini

Hyundai’s new vehicle is available in the UK for test driving in pre-production guise. It’s a third-generation i20 that has arrived in the UK, but not in the final form. The final review could only come when we would drive the finished model, with the final interior, exterior, and engine noise. But, driving this unfinished model can still give us a good idea of how good this vehicle is.

So, we drove this left-hooker to give you the initial idea of what to expect from this car. The customer car would go on sale in late 2020, so you can make up your mind whether or not to purchase it.

If you look at the style and design, the i20 is quite different from the previous version, which was a good-looking vehicle, but has a quite plain-design. But, the new i20 has a bold design, with sharp surface treatments, a wider body, and a lower roofline.

The vehicle that’s going to be offered in the UK is not final yet, but it would have either of the two engines and four gearboxes. An 83bhp 1.2-liter four-cylinder petrol paired with a five-speed manual ‘box is used. There is also a 99bhp 1.0-liter engine that also comes with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system.

If you drive the vehicle, you can senses that it’s not finished yet, but that does not affect the driving experience by a big margin. If you take it on a short drive on a nice road, you are most likely it. Furthermore if you drive it on a tough road, with a road of traffic, you are likely to like it less. The levels of audible suspension thump are a bit high, but fair considering its size.

When you take a look at the Powertrain, this is where the stuff gets interesting. When you take a deeper look, it’s not easy to say how far it’s from the actual product. The performance of the vehicle is quite good too, although it’s not exceptionally fast, but is reasonably quick and it could get even better with the final product.

The car would be sold to the customers in late 2020 and its price is not announced yet. But, we are expecting the price to start from £15,025, but the price for higher-end models such as this could start from £21,041. But, more will be known when the company makes an announcement.