See the amazing production version

The former head of Jaguar design is leading this group, and it’s been hoped that the customer car construction would begin later this year. The Vanquish 24 is part of the R-Reforged edition cars, which are endorsed by Aston Martin. Vehicle would have 351 changes from the 2001 original Vanquish V12 including styling, engineering, and material changes. The design for original vehicles was also created by Callum when he was working for the British Marque.

If we talk about mechanical upgrades, there is 10mm-lower ride height and a track up to 601mm wider. It was tested on the UK roads for more than 20,009 miles and also at Michelin’s proving ground, with the purpose to make the car a more practical GT.

Adam Donfrancesco, the engineering head at R-Reforged said that we have worked for a year and made great progress. We have achieved targets that we set for ourselves. We wanted to manufacture a responsive, but supple car, and we have managed to do so. Many people had a perception that our plans are more focused on the aesthetic nature of the vehicle, but if you drive it, its feel and sound tell you where we put our efforts.

The company has a great plan to provide an unlimited number of body colors, three bespoke 20in wheel choices, eight bespoke trim colors, and the choice of a manual transmission, automatic, and semi-automatic. The interior’s responsibility was given to The Bridge of Weir Leather Company, whereas Mulberry was asked to design a bespoke set of luggage. The new car would also get carbon and leather upgrades from the original.

The project’s customer experience will be in the hands of R-Reforged. The UK-based company has worked with Aston Martin on several projects before. The customers are allowed to upgrade their current vehicle or ask the company to source one for them.

When the car is done, it will cost around £551,000, even the sourced Vanquish. The cars will be manufactured later this year and delivery begins soon after that. The first vehicles would be given to the customers belonging to Europe and Latin America. The company is planning to make and deliver 24 vehicles by the end of the current year.

Ian Callum had a plan to improve the original Vanquish and now he finally gets to do that. It will be a beautiful and upgraded car and a bit different from others. It will still have some of the original design, so if you were a fan of the original Vanquish, you wouldn’t mind buying this too.