A fantastic racing event during this crisis

Earlier this month, the F1 season began in Austria and we were there to witness it. It was filled with drama and entertainment, the adrenaline was running high, there were collisions, spins, penalties, and much more. The event was a great experience for us, and we consider ourselves to be lucky to be among the few who get who watch it.

It was just a TV-event, so the feeling was pretty different for the few on the track, as it lacked the usual buzz, we almost feel like we are in a test session. It was held in the Red Bull Ring, and the area does not carry the same character, if there is no crowd, just like Silverstone. Furthermore, it can be said for almost all the sports, but in motorsport, no crowd means you only hear the sound of the engine and that you hear every day.

In normal circumstances, the arena is filled, the campsites are packed and the bars are busy. There was a lot that was missing this year. We realized how different a sport could be if there is no crowd. The runner-up Leclerc also expressed the same feelings; he said that it was very strange. He said the real reason why we love this game is the passion of fans, but this event lacked that. It’s a great feeling to see the passion of the fans that are watching the race and are supporting you. He said he even looked in the stands but got upset as there were no fans at all.

But, lack of fans doesn’t mean the racers’ were not passionate enough about the race, as usual, it was business for them on the track. The event was live telecast on the TV, so no-fault was acceptable. It’s a hard time for the whole world and it needed an activity, everyone wanted something to come, something to cheer for, and this is what this event provided them.

The president of the FIA is thankful to all those who participated in this event and those who played their part in making it possible. He said it was a brave effort from everyone, as definitely the easiest solution would have been to wait till the pandemic is over.