Porsche announced a strange decision

Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 is out and we are here to tell you all about it. If you are a sports car lover, you would be amazed by what this new vehicle has to offer. You can read the whole review and if you like buying it, nothing’s stopping you.

Six years back, Porsche announced a strange decision of replacing its Boxster and Cayman, and the replacements would have four-cylinder engines. The reason behind this decision was quite vague and everybody was asking questions.

So now, when the car is finally out, you must be wondering what it’s like. We will be honest; it’s not easy to accept the fact that it is now a 4.0 liter Boxster. It’s a modern vehicle, that’s heavily equipped and has a 7801rpm engine that develops 395bhp. It has three pedals and a weight of 1404kg. Now, we know that’s not a lightweight, but it’s certainly no heavyweight.

You can buy this car for around £65,027, so it an expensive car. But, if you buy any other car that can compare to this, you will have to pay much more money.

The car has an amazing space in front of the car and also behind the engine. The Boxster is famous for its handling and this is what delights us the most and even the new engine couldn’t affect this. We drove this car for a test on B-roads and it covered them with unique pliancy that you for sure won’t credit. There are two damper settings, if you are on a testing route where the float is an issue; the firmer is very useful there.

Otherwise, you simply get in and drive, you can engage the Sport mode to get the best throttle response. It can go through corners with gentle accuracy and it does feel special. The chassis is well-balanced and in more tune with the road surface.

Now, the big question, should you buy it or not. Well, if you want to spend this much money, you won’t get a better car than this. But, if you could use spending less money, then there are some cheaper options.