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Customer can contact the company’s representative by calling on the Hyundai Finance Phone Number and get their problem solved. The numbers are provided to everyone so that any person who owns a Hyundai vehicle or wishes to own one can ask anything they want.

Owning a vehicle is not an easy thing as you have to take care of a lot of things. You are responsible for your vehicle’s performance, but for that, you need outside help. No one can afford to go to a service shop or a dealer now and then. This is why the company set up a team of talented professionals to address your concerns. You can contact them any day you want, to ask about anything related to your vehicle, and this way you can take the best care of the vehicle.

Hyundai Finance Phone Number

Hyundai Finance Phone Number

Whether you have purchased a vehicle for the first time or you have had multiple vehicles before, you will face situations where you need expert’s help. Doesn’t matter how long you have owned a vehicle, you will face a problem that you have not faced before. So, what would you do in that situation, the answer is provided by the Hyundai company.

There are different teams that can answer your questions related to different categories. You can call the customer service department (1-800-523-4030) if you have any issues regarding customer service. You can call them 5 days a week i.e. Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm Eastern Time (ET).

If your lease-end is near and you need information, contact the Lease-End Servicing Team by calling the given number. If you are seeking automated access to your account, there is also a number for that. When you call on the number, you can access information like account status and pay-off information.

There are numbers to contact the Collections Department as well. Customers can contact them any day of the week. But, for Saturday and Sunday, the timings are different, so make sure to call at the right time.