Octavia has more space than the previous models

You may already be familiar with Skoda Octavia, an affordable family vehicle, so you would be pleased to know that it’s now available in the hatchback version. When you hear about Skoda, we are sure the first thing that comes to your mind is utility, but when you take a look at this vehicle, it won’t come to your mind.

The vehicle is available in both estate and hatchback from, to be honest, nothing has changed really except the hybrid power trains after the third-generation car. But still, the sharper creases and sharper lighting deliver a car better in metal than many other vehicles.

The price of the new vehicle is not announced yet, but we are expecting it to be an affordable car. Our idea is that the starting price would be less than £20,056, so it’s quite an affordable car.

The vehicle is quite good-looking, with decent interior and exterior design. Its performance on the road is also exceptionally good; the only thing where it lacks it’s not close to being the driver’s choice. The brand’s knowledge of its customer base is higher than any other brand and that influence its decision as well. But, it can’t change the fact that the steering and gearshift action feel inert, to the point that the accuracy of the inputs is affected. It’s a thing many drivers won’t expect and it might disappoint them.

The car is easy and safe to hustle, just like you expect any modern hatch to be, but other cars like Focus provides a higher level of satisfaction and Leon is more involving.

So yes, there are things that you need to consider before you buy it. It comes with a few surprises. It has more space than the previous models and with plug-in hybrid models, it becomes more versatile, but you have to leave some boot capacity to make space for the battery pack. The actual car may even give a better driving experience than this test-car.

Octavia is known for proving a lot of features in less money and it would be the same with this new version. Equipment levels are high and if your budget is good, you can add more driving features. We prefer the standard kit, though.

We would give it four and a half stars if we only consider its design, performance, tools, and price. But, when it comes to the feel of drive, it’s a three-star car.