Motorsport proves to be quite helpful

The UK has gone through dark days quite a few times in its history, but every time the motorsport industry came to the forefront and provided help. You might have noticed that during the early days of the pandemic, the companies in the UK provided their expertise to the medical facilities that were in a lot of pressure. The whole industry was proud of this positive response, but it did not come as a surprise, as the industry has a history of such acts.

Whenever any crisis occurs, we have to turn to the engineers, because they are the ones who love finding rapid and effective solutions to any problem. Some of these talented and hard-working minds are among the more than 20,003 people employed in the racing industry.

They have to work under extreme pressure and give quick results, so it can save a lot of money and people’s life. But, they are used to it, this is what they do every day and night, but, yes, such a pandemic can add more pressure.

When the UK was involved in the war, engineers played a great role in the country. They were given a short time in which they had to develop ideas that can win battles on sea, land, and air. I think, no one would argue that they did pretty well.

The war created new challenges and engineers had to find solutions for those challenges, if they failed to do so, people would die. So, if the planes do not come back safely, it would appear that the solutions didn’t work, but if they come back safely, they would say that it has worked.

In that life and death situation, emerged a generation that was filled with ideas. Some of those ideas also helped the sport of motor racing to re-emerge. In late 1950, companies including Cooper and Lotus were taking inspiration for technology from the Battle of Britain. Their purpose was to conquer grand Prix racing and in the 1960s they managed to overrun the F1.