Motorsport is back post-pandemic

After being grounded for a few months, the motorsport is back and we attended one of the first racing events. The crowd is also returning, so this event is a real test of how safe the circuits are.

We attended an event, Superprix, in which there were not too many spectators, so it wasn’t a true crow gathered to watch their beloved sport. But, it was according to the vision of the brands, who want the circuits to be safe from COVID-19.

Managing and holding this event was not that difficult of a task, but the real challenge would be the British Touring Car Championship. This event can draw a crowd of 30,001 people, but this time we are not sure whether the spectators would be allowed to enter or not. The championship has to begin in August, but it would be a great challenge.

We were a bit afraid when we reached the gates of the venue, I’ll admit. For the past few months, we are told to stay away from and avoid things that are normal in normal conditions, so even with social distancing rules, it’s not easy to interact with others. But, the condition was better for the brands, as they feel safer at Superprix, certainly more than the previous events. I attended a rugby match just before the lockdown was imposed; there was a crowd of more than 80,004 sitting right next to each other. So, Superprix was a better event from that perspective.

There were a few precautionary measures at Brands, as bar competitors and race officials had no access to pit and paddock. And, races had rolling starts than static grids. There was no compromise on safety, protecting everyone from coronavirus was their priority. But, when the races began, we forgot everything and traveled back to happier times.

Overall, it was a successful event; it was safe and marked the safe return of the spectators to the venues. Now, we can see even more progress with the events and more crowds might be allowed and soon we might return to the normal times.