A loveable car with flaws

Morgan Roadster is one of the most memorable cars in car history. Its dashboard has no clock, if it had, it would become anticlockwise. Customers want their vehicles to be like time machines, and we change is so rare that whenever a new Morgan is revealed it becomes a big event.

Its style goes back to at least 50 years, but still, it’s charming enough. It’s a real shame that the brakes stop you from enjoying its full performance. It has solid front discs and rear drums, but there is no anti-lock.

If you drive it at a speed more than 100mph it becomes unstable, due to the severe torque reaction. If driven at low speed it tends to go right, but at high speed, it seems to move towards left. Drive at any speed, but the vehicle won’t seem to settle. If you are driving on a motorway, it may bounce and on country lanes, it’s a nervous drive.

It performs better on a smooth road and at a medium speed. On such a road, it has little grip and lots of rolls, there is a small engine in the chassis, due to which it appears much balanced than the Plus 8. It’s steering is heavy, so it doesn’t help much. You would feel like you are dealing with a piece of metal when it kicks in your hands. So, overall the driving experience is not quite what you want it to be. You have to struggle to find a road and speed at which it can give a smooth drive.

But, we understand it’s not fair to judge the vehicle on the set criteria. Yes, it lacks safety, handling, comfort, but that’s what makes it an antique. Of course, it’s not as good as modern cars, but if you go back in time and compare it with past models, you will find it pretty good. Those who want to own it don’t care about its faults as they are in love with the vehicle and those who are not fans, would not buy it anyway.