Lotus will move onto electric alternatives

For any company to compete in the market in the years to come, they must learn from their mistakes made in the past and try to avoid them in the future. Same is true for a giant of the car market, Lotus, which was established 72 years ago. Although the company has seen hard times, it has been able to manage through all of the difficulties and make a name for itself.

The founder of the Lotus was Colin Chapman. There were some times in the history of Lotus when the fall of the company was expected. Since the famous Chinese Geely Group has taken command of the company and invested a lot of money for future projects, the company has been on the rise. The former boss of Land Rover, Phil Popham was hired to be the CEO of the Lotus Company and take it to the new heights of success. Phil Popham has been successful in doing so.

With the start of a new era for the company, it was made clear by the owners that Lotus will start working on new projects to introduce new sports cars to the world. Phil Popham revealed that they are working tirelessly to make the future of the company secure as well as meeting the current standards of the market.

The new project, vision 80, was introduced to make sure that new products are being introduced into the market regularly. For this purpose, the selection of members that are right for the team is fundamental. All of the aspects of vision 80 when met completely will be able to set a brand new infrastructure which will secure a high rank for the company.

The car was all-electric and earned a lot of praise from customers all over the world. For long term success of the company, Phil Popham is determined to introduce cars that are both stylish and can also be used on a daily basis. In the near future, the company will introduce a brand new car into the market that will be based on the ICE system and that will be the last one in this genre. After that, the company will move onto electric alternatives so that they can keep up with the market and make the future even brighter.