Lotus has seen highs and lows throughout

Lotus has been there for more than 69 years and we were able to write on its 68th birthday in 2017, but we didn’t find much to celebrate. It certainly has a remarkable past, but its present is not so good, and its future is highly uncertain. But, things are looking a bit nicer now as it has new owners and management, who are determined to take it back to its previous glory. Phil Popham is now handling things for the company, who played a great role in the success of Jaguar Land Rover.

The company’s future is looking somewhat bright now, but the question is how bright. To understand this, we can look at Volvo, another acquisition of the company’s proprietor Geely. Volvo was just a small brand, but during its time, it has turned into an inspirational world-class brand with great products.
Today, we will talk about the great Lotus products and share with you the greatest rides we had in them. Because the drive is the key thing when it comes to Lotus and forever should be.

It’s not clear when Lotus was formed; its engineering appears in 1952 in which Lotus Mk VI was sold to the public. But, we will talk about cars beginning from 1957, with Lotus Seven. If you look at modern sports cars and this 59-year old car, you would notice architectural similarities. As far as consumer cars are concerned, this was the car that put the company on the map. The company was building vehicles for Formula 1, Formula 2, and others.

Next, we will talk about Elan, that’s considered by many to be Chapman’s masterpiece. First sold in 1961, the vehicles influenced production for a long time. It was a low-cost and superlight car. It was a fast, simple, and affordable car and it helped Lotus to stay in the business.