Enjoy driving in the present time

It is not easy to find a person, who does not have a passion for driving. Almost every adventure lover also loves the thrill of driving. But, things become less exciting, if you are unable to achieve that thrill. If you live in the south-east of England, you know that no matter what the car is driving in this part is not much fun.

The traffic congestion, speed limits, and cameras make it impossible to overtake or fulfill your speed thrill. But, you should not give up. To enjoy the thrill of driving you to need to change your attitude and approach. If you want to enjoy driving in the present time, you may have to recreate the past in which the people would take the vehicle out for a drive. You may have to travel a good distance to find great roads, but when you get there, you will know its worth it.

You can ask your friends and colleagues to name their favorite roads and you can go there to drive. I asked my colleagues and they told me their favorite roads where they have had unforgettable drives.

Now, the next thing is to decide which car to take. You shouldn’t take a supercar, because it’s too big and too fast. You can take one if you like, but we recommend not to. We took Ford Fiesta ST; it’s a very good car and would be perfect for a memorable ride.

The first task was to go to Inverness airport to pick up a colleague. From where, we would go to our first road, the A82 road. The drive went well, had to begin at 4 am to avoid traffic. The only problem was the average speed cameras, for which I have to use A9. I took my colleague and we head west, the Ford was able to overtake the slower cars. If you are driving in Scotland, you will know that the people here can drive pretty fast. We stayed in a hostel for the night and in the morning we drove for hours and viewed the best scenery.