Don’t be scared of purchasing electric cars

Many people want to purchase an electric car, but they can’t afford it or they simply don’t want to pay that much for a relatively new product. So, the only option they have is to buy a used electric car. But, they are afraid to, why because there is a misconception that used electric cars are not as good as used traditional cars.

They should not be afraid of buying a used EV; they just need to be careful. Identifying a good EV is different than identifying a used combustion-engine car. You don’t have to check the coolant, test the clutch, or dip the oil.

The first thing to consider is the battery condition. Many buyers are scared of battery degradation and choose not to buy a used EV. Yes, batteries indeed lose charge over time, but you don’t need to fear that if it covers your range needs.

It’s also true that the earlier EVs were not able to travel as much distance than today’s vehicles on a charge and have lost some battery capacity over the years. A battery can lose around 2% of its capacity ever year, but that’s not too much.

The battery degradation, in other words, the vehicle range depletion shows how it was treated by the previous owner. If rapid chargers are used constantly, it can affect the battery performance, the same happens sometimes, if you charge it to full, or discharge below 20%.

But, it’s not difficult to check the battery’s health. Most of the EVs have a range indicator that tells you how far it can go on a single charge.

There are certain things you need to look out for when buying a used EV. Buy only that car that has a full service history, as it guarantees that the vehicle has received all the software updates. You also need to check if all the electronics and infotainment functions properly. Check that the charging leads are there and undamaged because it is very costly to replace them.