Club that helps you get a supercar

It’s a general perception that if you want to get a supercar, you have to be super-rich, that’s true, but money is not the only thing you need. Even if you are willing to spend a load of money, you still need some inside help to get your hands on the latest supercar.

This help is provided to you by LaSource, an exclusive club founded by James Banks, who was once a McLaren engineer and then head of its bespoke operations. So, if you have a good amount of money and you have chosen a dream car, but are unable to source it, this club is your best option.

The club’s function is to broker supercars, and it’s done via contacts and confidentiality to operate its business. It’s a discreet business that handles a long game and sells only a few cars a year after months of negotiation. But, the club is not for average-rich people as the normal transaction amount is around £3 million.

James Banks explained why there was a need to start this club, according to him broker usually does business in the high-end car market. A lot of the time, they want to sell or purchase the cars directly and discreetly, so an auction or public sale is not the right option. And, there are no other options available, so this club is useful in such cases.

He went on to say that I have noticed in the last few years that people are using platforms like Instagram to offers cars to customers, even though they don’t have the complete mandate to do that. These are called bedroom brokers, so what happens is, often cars get misrepresented or they are offered for a higher price, and even the same car could be offered to a number of buyers.

The idea behind this club was to create a platform, where discreet, but transparent transactions can occur between seller and buyer. In this modern age, we have adopted an old-world approach.

The club began its operations in 2018 and has 200 members as of today including the middle-east royals and rich businessmen. A high number of members are from middle-easy and the USA while 20 members are UK-based.

Becoming a member of the club is not easy. They want big and better players, and avoid those who just want details of a car and then put it on sale.