Buyers are shifting their attention towards electric

You know the world is moving and so is the car industry, more and more companies are looking to manufacture electric vehicles and many have succeeded in it. The future is of electrification and the majority of the vehicle in the future would be electric, but what about our past.

The answer to this question could be the ion-fuelled DB6, but the president of the Aston Martin Works, Paul Spires thinks otherwise. He doesn’t think it’s the right call, as they want to make sure that the product they manufacture could last for at least 100 years. They don’t want vehicles that become museum pieces in a short time. He is right, every manufacturer wants his product to be relevant even after a long time and be an inspiration for future developments.

The plan to turn DB6 into an electric vehicle is not due to any legislation, we are not expecting any legislation against internal combustion classics in the near future. The reason behind this is the social pressure, which the president described. Buyers are shifting their attention towards electric and tech-rich vehicles and future generations won’t even know the sounds and smell of internal combustion. So, it seems right to change direction as soon as possible, if the company wants to be relevant in the future.

Spires said their idea of changing the vehicle as more like a heart transplant. We wanted to make it electric without changing the core structures. The team was told not to make an extra hole in the body, and they didn’t.

The straight-six engine is replaced by a module that contains a battery, motor, and control software. They all fit in the space of the engine. According to what they have told us, the engine weighs the same as the original engine and produces the same power. Although, we were not provided any technical information as a production version could change.

The driving is super smooth, it can’t be any easier. The car’s pick up acceleration steadily. Its design, features, and tools, everything is great. So, what more customers can want, a classic vehicle with modern tools and features is all they need.