BMW models will soon get a big software update

The connected car software update would be the biggest so far. The cars are set to get the updates from next month and it would bring new services and features to your favorite models.

The major update is meant to redesign the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, bring cloud-based navigation to BMW Maps, and enable the recently announced Digital Key technology for Apple iPhones. The wireless Android Auto will also be introduced for the first time.

Hybrid models would be able to switch into electric driving mode when they enter assigned green zones. This would be done through eDrive Zone Function and this function will be supported in more than 80 cities worldwide.

The eligible vehicles for this updates include those that have company’s operating system 7. Such vehicles include 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, and X5. As the models are manufactured and leave the factory, it will be pre-installed on those models, whereas already manufactured cars would receive an over the air update in short time.

Oliver Zipse, an important figure in the BMW management said that latest technologies are the core of the BMW. He also said that for premium cars, hardware and software are of great significance. He also added that, we want to use the latest technologies and add them to our vehicles, so customers’ driving experience can be improved. Furthermore, he said this during a virtual conference, as a result of lockdown.

Cloud computing will be used by the BMW Maps to calculate routes taking into account live traffic data. It will also examine the parking condition when you select a destination, that will be based on the size of the vehicle. If the road condition is not good or there are accident black spots, it would alerts the drivers. Electric and hybrid vehicles will get another feature, and on screen range radius, that will calculate the distance the vehicle can travel before it needs to be recharged.