An important EV for the company in a crucial time

It is a crucial time for Nissan, so it seems only right to unveil its most important vehicle yet, the Ariya. It’s a landmark for the company and they are naming it the perfect car in the perfect time for Europe. The new vehicle would be presented for sale to the customers in 2021 when it would be labeled as Volkswagen ID 4 rival.

While many car manufacturers have not yet launched their first electric vehicle, Nissan has just introduced its second. Nissan’s first EV, the leaf was launched 10 years ago and was an important landmark for the company. Ariya however is even more important and according to the company, it can big provide a big advantage over rivals.

Nissan was facing financial struggles recently and it’s trying to recover from it, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect to unveil Ariya. Its former boss got arrested, had relationship problems with other companies, and then COVID-19.

The company is beginning to restructure and focusing more on its core markets, the US, Japan, and China, but it won’t abandon the European market. With Ariya, the company wishes to rebrand itself in the European market. With the Leaf and Qashqai, we emerged as a Japanese brand in Europe, they helped us make a mark in the region an attract customers. Now, when we’re combining those two things in Ariya, we will be able to reach new customers and show them what we stand for. We want the customers to focus more on zero-emission vehicles and this is what we are focusing on.

10 years ago, the people just wanted to drive a new EV, so the Leaf did pretty well. This could happen for Ariya as well, as people have an understanding and appreciation of our brand. Though we have not launched vehicles yet that can compete with Volkswagen or Ford, with Ariya, we can compete with them.

The company not only wants to attract more customers, but it also wants to provide them a product that fits their needs. Now, how the Ariya would help the company, only time can tell, but it does look promising and the company is certainly hopeful.